Friday, June 23, 2006

Odds and Ends

Question from Erika Duncan of Charlotte: I was hoping to find information on uptown parking during working hours (near the IJL Building). I am going to be part-time so don’t need a monthly parking spot.

Answer from Gail Smith-Arrants: The IJL Financial Center garage (6th and Church streets) charges a daily rate of $15.

You can find cheaper rates at surface parking lots, which usually cost $6 to $8 a day. Walk or drive around and see which one has the best rate. Some have “early-bird” discounts if you arrive before a certain time in the morning.

At Discovery Place, you can park daily, but it’ll cost you. The first 30 minutes are free, but it’s a sliding scale after that. for 31 minutes to five hours, it’s $10. Eight hours would be $13, and 10 hours or more, $15. For more on uptown parking, go to

This week’s newcomers are Cheryl DeMaio and Jignesh Shroff.

DeMaio, who Gail Smith-Arrants interviewed, moved to Dilworth from Manhattan in November 2005 for a job relocation with TIAA-CREF.

Her tip: She finds out about Charlotte happenings by signing up for online newsletters through She uses “Around Town,” “Great Escapes” and “Shopping and Entertainment” as starting points for her activities. “You need to be proactively going out and looking for things. I get an e-mail every Friday that tells me what’s coming,” she said.

Shroff, who I spoke with at a recent Center City Alive After Five concert, moved to south Charlotte from southern California last July to find a better cost of living. “It’s a culture shock for me in some ways, because this is the South and it truly feels like the South. I think Charlotte needs to open up a little more and be a little more worldly,” he said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. A lot of people here a sheltered. They need to be more open-minded. There are still too many "holier-than-thou" (churh, for some reason, is so big here) people who are short-sighted and ignorant. It is sad, and that is why I go to college in New York.

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