Friday, June 23, 2006

That family heirloom might belong in a museum

Wondering what to do with an heirloom wedding dress? You might be able to donate it to the Mint Museum of Art’s costume collection.

Charles Mo, the museum’s chief curator of fine arts, said several factors determine whether the museum will accept a dress: whether it’s from a noteworthy designer; whether it’s an outstanding example of a particular period or style; what condition it’s in; and whether the person who wore it is of local, regional or national significance.

If you want him to consider one, e-mail him at (don’t expect an immediate response; he’ll need time if he gets a flurry of inquiries at once).

The Mint opened a new costume gallery in November and it contains an 1884 wedding gown as part of an exhibit on 18th- and 19th-century fashions; other dresses might be used in special exhibits.

If you’re a newcomer, here’s some trivia: When you enter the Mint on Randolph Road, you’re walking into the back door. Walk around the grass to the other side, and you’ll see the front of the 1830s Mint building that gives the museum its name.

Go visit if you want to see the building; leaders are considering moving the museum uptown.


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