Friday, July 21, 2006

Finding a hairdresser - and more - when you're new to town

Here’s a question several newcomers have asked: How do you find a hairdresser when you move here?

We women know we’re not just looking for someone who can make our hair look good. We also need someone we’ll enjoy talking with while they snip and style. It’s sometimes elusive - I have a friend who’s been commuting to Winston-Salem for a year to see her old stylist.

It’s hard to ask around when you don’t know many people. And you’re often looking for more than just a hairdresser, like Sibylle Moggi, who e-mailed after moving to Charlotte from New York: “I don’t know anybody well enough to ask their opinions on where can I find a good gynecologist, dermatologist, spa, hair cutter, and I won’t even go to a pedicure place ‘off the streets.’”

Hints from my colleague Emily Benton of’s Girl About Town blog:

--AngiesList ( and can search for local services.

--Google your neighborhood’s name and see if your homeowner’s association (or one nearby) has a message board.

--For gynecological/medical advice, try,,


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