Monday, July 03, 2006

Hands-on Activity: Follow-up

Apparently, a fair number of people who are looking for a way to get involved took my suggestion of signing up for Hands on Charlotte.

The nonprofit's executive director, Bob Young, contacted me to tell me that 56 people signed up for the group last week following the column we ran about the organization - the same number as in a typical month. And, he added, summer is usually the slow season.

To recap, those who join the group attend a brief orientation, and then they can sign up to help a range of charities at whatever time window is convenient by using the group's Web site,

As it happens, I participated in my second Hands on Charlotte volunteer event on Saturday, sprucing up the landscaping in front of the Hospitality House near Presbyterian Hospital. The facility provides lodging for families of patients at the hospital.

Attention, smokers: If you've ever tossed a butt out of your window while driving along Hawthorne Lane, odds are good I'm the one who picked it up during Saturday's duties. I collected several good-sized handfuls, and gained newfound sympathy for those responsible for tending roadside landscaping everywhere. Please, use an ashtray.


In honor of July 4th, some tidbits about Carolinas connections to the holiday if you click here.


One more tidbit: The roundup of free outdoor concerts around the region has been updated and includes additional events in Matthews and Albemarle. Click here for details.


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