Monday, July 24, 2006

More tips for getting settled

More thoughts from readers on how to find a hairdresser - and more - when you’re new to town:

Reader Linda Allen, a seven-year Charlotte resident, e-mailed with a good tip: If you see someone with a hairstyle you like, you could always ask her where she got it done.

“After many years of long hair and finally thinking I would cut it, I have asked strangers who I think have great haircuts where they get their hair cut. One day I asked a woman and she said 'France.' We both laughed. She did have a very natural-looking haircut, but I know I will not be going to France any day soon!”

Deborah e-mailed to point out that many of the local Web sites my previous column mentioned are aimed at people with young children. “Are there any groups in the area for newcomers who are older – or without children?” she asked.

Yes – if you’re looking for general newcomer resources, you can go to and select for the N.C./Charlotte region. There, you’ll find a listing of newcomers clubs, many of which are not age-specific (and one specifically mentions empty nesters).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to add my social club for all newcomers who have never had children. NO KIDDING! is a nonprofit social club for people who have never had children. For more information, please log onto or our Charlotte chapter, We look forward to meeting you!

Candy Lake, Founder
Charlotte, NC NO KIDDING! Chapter

1:07 PM  

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