Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Newcomer insights

Newcomers shared a few insights with me last night. Here's a sampling:

--Some who move to Charlotte’s outskirts end up learning more about the area where they work – i.e., uptown – than their own communities (in this case, the booming towns of western Union County).

--As newcomers, people hunger to find connections. Two specifically wanted to know more about ways to meet other baby boomers and “young seniors.”

--Lots of people who move here have connections to upstate New York. It’s one of the top areas of migration to the Carolinas, and I’ve already written about the South’s Upstate New Yorkers Club (SUNY) formed by the owner of the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille in Charlotte.

These topics came up at a gathering convened by the Observer’s Union County bureau, which plans to expand its coverage of our area’s fastest-growing county in a new format that debuts Aug. 20. If you want to know more or have ideas for the section, e-mail its editor Dave Cowan at

And this native Southerner learned a new term from two former New Yorkers: beef on wick (or weck). The sandwich, consisting of sliced roast beef on a special salty roll, is a favorite in Buffalo and is available at the Township Grille at 10400 E. Independence Blvd. in Matthews, 704-847-2480.

THURSDAY UPDATE: After reading this item on the blog yesterday, Buffalo native Sandy Woods (now of Stallings) e-mailed more details: "Beef is thinly sliced, warm and juicy. The roll is a fresh hard roll, soft in the center with crushed salt and caraway seeds sprinkled on top. Served with fresh horseradish on the side, and french fries with tarragon vinegar to sprinkle over them. That, chicken "Buffalo wings," celery sticks and bleu cheese
dressing, and 'Friday night fish fry' are staples of the area."


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