Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where do Chicago transplants gather in Charlotte?

Here’s a question from a reader who moved to Charlotte from Chicago: “Matt's Chicago Dog and Pizzeria Uno are the two restaurants in town for Chicagoans...but, is there somewhere to watch Cubs games?”

I plan to research the answer for her, but if anyone out there has any Charlotte-area suggestions, please send them my way.

Speaking of gathering spots for transplants, a reader wrote to clarify something from my Aug. 12 column in which I advised a Syracuse native on where he could meet others from upstate New York. I pointed him to several Buffalo-centric restaurants in the area, since the Bills were playing the Panthers that night. A reader named Brian wrote in response:

“Having grown up in Buffalo, there is a huge difference between being from western New York (Buffalo, Rochester) as opposed to upstate (Syracuse, Albany). Everybody from NYC and Long Island always refers everyone from (both regions) as upstate. From their vicinity, it may be upstate. Nobody from Buffalo feels they’re from upstate.”

Consider this Southerner corrected – I’ll certainly be more careful in the distinction from now on. But in my experience meeting newcomers, those from Syracuse and other upstate areas also tend to be Buffalo Bills fans, and I’ve seen plenty of them congregate in the places I mentioned for their games.

Along those lines, here’s another gathering spot a reader named Doris clued me in to: Zio Authentic Italian restaurant at 116 Middleton Drive in Charlotte’s Eastover area; owner Jim Consol is from Endicott, NY and plans to have periodic gatherings for other Endicott transplants. If you’re interested in being on his mailing list, e-mail him at jmconsol@yahoo.com or call the restaurant at 704-344-0100.


Blogger Rogelio Aranda said...

As a native South Sider, I'd be thrilled to have a Chicago club around here (even if it's mostly Cubs fans). As I mentioned to Leigh, I don't know of any such clubs beyond the local University of Illinois alumni chapter.

As for game-watching, some sports bars will have the MLB cable/satellite packages, but good luck trying to get them to change the channel during football games. Sad that WGN can only carry a limited amount of Cubs, Sox and Bulls games.

As for the food, well, nothing beats the real thing but Matt's and Uno's will suffice. Harris Teeter sells Home Run Inn frozen pizza (it's from the South Side), and I once saw the South Blvd. Target sell Vienna beef hot dogs.

Hope this helps.

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your from the NYC metro area (or your just curious) and you want a real NY deli, try Benny's NY Deli in Matthews in the shopping center at the corner of McKee and Weddington Roads! It's really good! :-)

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benny's NY Deli in Matthews in the shopping center at the corner of McKee and Weddington Roads wouldn't know a knish if it smacked them in the face!

NY - no way!

12:39 PM  
Blogger imgz said...

If anyone has fallen prey to the sign "Chicago Style Hotdogs" then they must BE from Chicago. There is no imitation, facsimile or even close. Bite into one of the alias brands and a siesmic wave gathers in the front of your brain traveling to the back and down to your toes screaming "You've been duped - AGAIN"!!

Thanks for the info. I've resigned myself to the fact; nowhere south of Chicago, are you ever gonna get a Chicago style - ANYTHING!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

You can buy Sahlen's hot dogs in Denver North Carolina @ the Food Mart @ Triangle & Hwy 16. Lebowski's on East Blvd has a "Buffalo Menu".

2:08 PM  

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