Thursday, November 09, 2006

Off to Asheville!

This weekend is the Asheville Film Festival. I can’t think of a better place to be with temperatures so balmy and the vestiges of autumn leaves still on the trees.

That’s one of the assets of Charlotte that newcomers often cite – easy travel times to beautiful locations in both the mountains and at the coast. Asheville is always a fun visit, whether or not a festival is going on, because of its beautiful scenery and great shopping, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Another positive thing about this region is its strengthening interest in independent film. From the historically strong film community in Wilmington to the nationally-renowned Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham each spring to the two recent film festivals here in the Queen City – Charlotte Film Festival and Cackalacky – the Carolinas’ film offerings are continually broadening.

A good local spot to check out for film happenings is the Light Factory, a museum of photography and film housed at Spirit Square. Click here.

And it's not too late to buy tickets for screenings at the Asheville fest - click here. Maybe I'll see you there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hope you enjoyed your trip to Asheville, home of the famous festival they call "Belle Chere."

Say, is that the one that originally started out in Charlotte on The Plaza as "Belle Terre?"

Bring back some honey and apple cider for those Uptown Charlotte restaurants to spice up the viddles for all the bankers to tide them over until that nice long Thasnksgiving weekend.

3:55 PM  

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