Monday, November 20, 2006

Talking turkey

Here's a question: Why don't we eat turkeys regularly outside of Thanksgiving and one or two other selected holidays? I don't mean sliced on a deli sandwich, but roasted in an oven.

When I talked to Bob Ford of the N.C. Poultry Federation for today's column on the importance of the turkey industry here, he said consumers haven't adopted turkey outside the holidays, despite its proven health benefits.

I know it's time-consuming to roast it yourself, but if consumers were bigger fans, I'm sure we'd see them in grocery stores beside the stacks of pre-cooked rotisserie chickens. Most people seem to find turkey pretty tasty and of course we all love eating the leftovers, right?

Here's a link to today's WCNC report on the turkey industry. And click here to go to the Q&A with Observer food writer Kathleen Purvis for any other turkey-cooking inquiries.

And have a happy Thanksgiving!


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