Monday, December 04, 2006

More on McAdenville, and Seagrove pottery

If you’ve never been to Christmas Town USA (also known as McAdenville), this month is the time to plan a visit.

Here’s a link to today’s column about the best ways to go see the McAdenville lights, and my report on the lights with WCNC.

Also, here are directions to the best parking lot in McAdenville, which I didn’t have room for in my column:

Directions to Poplar Street:
Entering McAdenville from the I-85 direction - Continue on Main Street, past the McAdenville Community Center. Turn right just before the McAdenville United Methodist Church. The parking lot is located several blocks down Poplar Street on the right.

Entering McAdenville from Wilkinson Blvd (Hwy. 74) - Continue on Wesleyan Drive past the McAdenville Volunteer Fire Department and the lake. Turn left onto Poplar Street just beyond the Fire Department and just prior to the traffic light at the intersection of Main and Wesleyan. The parking lot is on the left, approximately 100 yds. after turning onto Poplar Street.


And finally, a follow-up note to my Saturday column about good places to find holiday gifts that say “Charlotte” – or the Carolinas. Seagrove is famous for its pottery, and I included the Web site for the Seagrove Area Potters Association. But I inadvertently didn’t include the “official” tourism Web site for Seagrove. It’s


Blogger Unknown said...

I was disappointed in lights since the construction is still going on! But yhere is no where else you get to see a whole Town in Lights! So take a Trip through!

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Construction Cleaning Kalamazoo said...

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