Monday, February 19, 2007

Seeking Mardi Gras/carnival traditions

Attention transplants: What are your traditions when it comes to observing carnival and/or Mardi Gras?

I’m sure former Louisianans will have the most to tell me, but this season is tradition-filled in many other parts of the country too.

When I was growing up in Charlotte, it never seemed to be a very big deal here in the 70s and 80s. Bars might hand out a few beads as a gimmick, but that was it.

Until about 10 years ago I had never heard of king cake, a traditional pastry containing a charm inside (typically a small toy baby or a nut) bringing good luck for whoever finds it. But yesterday my church served a king cake after the service – one more piece of evidence that transplants are bringing their traditions here.

If I hear from enough folks, I might put together a quick article for the Observer, so please e-mail me at with your contact information.


Here’s a link to today’s report with news partner WCNC-TV about a newcomer program for women offered at several area churches. Check the national Web site to find locations in this region.


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Beads, beads and beads

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