Friday, May 25, 2007

Tips for NASCAR newbies

Growing up in Charlotte, I didn’t consider myself a diehard NASCAR fan, but I was always aware of our gigantic speedway to the northeast and the crowds of fans that would gather there for races. Names like Earnhardt and Petty were always in my consciousness, but I’d never seen them race.

Now, I can finally say I’ve seen a race – last weekend’s NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge.

And I can share some impressions that might help other racing newbies heading out this weekend:

--Traffic flow was great going both in and out. My friend and I planned to arrive about an hour before the start of the race, and we realized all the NASCAR diehards had arrived long before that to make a full day of it. So we didn’t have to fight any traffic going in. And parking was free!

--It’s worth it to shell out for tickets facing pit row. Watching the pit stops is clearly part of the excitement of the race.

--If your seats are good enough, they’ll come with a wristband granting admittance to the Speedway Club building. My friend and I enjoyed wandering around exploring features including a clothing boutique and gourmet candy store, but we found it extremely confusing to navigate – and be warned, you’ll have trouble getting in and out if you’re carrying a beer or other alcoholic beverage.

--Earplugs are a must. Bring them or be ready to buy them immediately.

--Watch out for drunken fans. I saw plenty, but they were mostly good-natured.

--Don’t know what’s going on? Turn and ask someone sitting nearby. I found everyone more than happy to help explain the action.

--Food and beverage concession stands are plentiful, but fans are permitted – expected – to bring their own coolers. What other sporting venue passes up the chance to make you pay $4 for bottled water?

Gotta love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


A friend of mine has been blogging all season about her transformation from a SouthPark soccer mom to die-hard NASCAR fan. She went to the Bank of America race last October and got hooked, just like you. You should check it out:

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta love all the fat men and women with their fried chicken and confederate flags everywhere. Yeah, sounds like a lot of fun. Charlotte is so redneck they sell NASCAR shoes at Belk at SouthPark Mall. NASCAR SUCKS.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gitcha a straw hat and a can of tobacco chew then buy a truck with a confederate flag; Gitcha a pair a "biv overhauls " and spend your 401K on an arm load of tattoos; Then gitcha a trailer trash women that when ya marry her the brides side of the church is full in the pews standin room only; Well thats all her boyfreinds starting from age 12 on up. They will all be visiting her after y'alls married and some will be thare kids. Oh , and dont worry they will be around all y'alls life when things git a little tough you'll know where to find her, their place.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh , and by the way take a photo of all the Brides side of the church , that way y'all can identify who all the fathers are a little later on.

12:51 PM  

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