Monday, April 02, 2007

Readers: Favorite foods and family-friendly spots?

This is the final installment in my quest for reader suggestions.

First question: What do you think are the best family activities in this region? What attractions or spots are your favorites?

Second question: Time to get back to talking about food (a perennial reader favorite). What’s your favorite unsung restaurant? Where is it, what type of food do they serve and why do you like the place? And let’s not forget about drinks – where do you find your favorite cup of coffee, milkshake, martini or other beverage?

Please e-mail me your suggestions. And if you’re willing, please attach a JPEG headshot photo I can use in my follow-up.

I’m still looking for suggestions from my previous queries, particularly your favorite personalities and hangouts.

And as always, please send me your questions and suggestions for newcomer-friendly topics to write about!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Comet Grill in Dilworth. One of the best neighborhood pubs.

4:43 PM  

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